Old Salt Bird Art


This brand utilizes various images of birds, other wildlife and landscapes to beautify various objects.

Click on the categories below to see the catalog of images available in each.

Images can be used for wall art, printed on glossy paper, canvas or metal,

or used to beautify other things, like blankets, towels, pillows, t-shirts and coffee mugs.

Below each image, find the captain's recommended formats for use with each image.

All orders will be customized, after a consultation with Captain Kev.

The PayPal Donation button on the Captain Kev's Products page can be used to submit payment for an order.

To order your Old Salt Bird Art, contact Kev at 361-688-3714, or KevinCochran404@yahoo.com



Small Birds

Wading Birds

Ocean Birds





Use the Deposit button on the Captain Kev's Products page to submit payment for Old Salt Bird Art after contacting Captain Kevin Cochran at:

361-688-3714, or email kevincochran404@yahoo.com.