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Sometimes Color Doesn't Matter

Misty Morning Action

The Slurp and Slush of the MirrOprop

Intro To My Birding Movie

Short Movie of Bullock's Oriole Pair

Clips I Shot While Finalizing My Birding Sites Movie

Birthday Blast (Fishing on 8/30)

Introductory Comments from Seminar (9/8)

Nicole Biggerstaff's Big Red (3/15)

Blue Heron Hunting For His Supper (8/3)

Encounter With a Giant School of Drum (9/25)

Promo for Primetime Trout Tactics DVD (6/26)

Promo for Springtime Migration 2014 Blu Ray (6/27)

Short Paul Brown Lure How To Video (7/28)

Click here to view a short video on the importance of large fish (10/2)



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