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6/6/16: Introducing Birdy Bird Maps

6/6/16: Thoughts on trying Lew's reels

6/9/16: Explaining potential value of a newly-generated graphic for use in logs

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6/23/16: Recent data reveals higher than normal tides in the Baffin/ULM system

7/8/16: Testimonial on Sound Operating Principles

7/12/16: Dog Days Discounts Coupon offers special prices on products

7/24/16: Another testimonial on Sound Operating Principles

8/2/16: Review of two Lew's reels

8/15/16: Hot Weather Lessons

8/26/16: Check out this link to a user-friendly fishing weather map

8/28/16: Detailed response to a letter from a concerned reader

10/3/16: Potential effect of high tide on locating redfish

11/1/16: A new way of looking at the guide/client relationship (with coupon)

11/10/16: Description of new product....Captain Kev's Angling Academy

12/14/16: Coping with stupid-clear water

2/20/17: Introduction of Using Technology to Enhance Angling Efforts

4/25/17: Introducing Achieving a Tech-Savvy Angler

5/2/17: New description and pricing on Inshore Angler's Personal Trainer product

8/4/17: '18 book opens on 9/1

9/8/17: Lenscover eyewear helps me solve a problem

9/11/17: Soft Science shoes perform well

5/11/18: KastKing reels

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