Captain Kev's Archived Blogs


A Guide To Birding Sites In And Around Corpus Christi Texas

4/10/12: Introduction

4/12/12: Good Fishing Log

4/16/12: Laguna Light Texas Wader 2 and others

4/20/12: Notes on choosing soft plastic colors

4/27/12: The Need for Speed

5/7/12: The Ethics of Deposits

5/15/12: How I Carry My Stuff When Wading

5/17/12: A New and Perfect Ending

5/22/12: Basics of GPS Set-up

5/28/12: How Best to Use Prop Baits

5/30/12: Some Strange Fishing Pictures and Why I Like Them (Or don't)


6/16/12: Excerpt from my "book in progress"

6/25/12: Tips on using the Power Pole

7/11/12: Description of Productive Places and Patterns

7/13/12: A Reaction To an Article on Lure Color and Fishes' Eyes

7/29/12: Another Note on Guiding Ethics

8/11/12: A Seminar on The Effects of Timing in Trout Fishing

8/18/12: '13 Book About to Open, But Don't Forget December

8/27/12: New Colors of Paul Brown's Original Lures

9/3/12: An Inadvertent Experiment Showing the Negative Potential of Bad Scents

9/17/12: Testimonial about my new book

"Think Like A Pro" Test (35 questions, Updated 10/24/12)

10/2/12: Preliminary response to trout tracking study

10/21/12: Purchasing the right waders and other winter-wading equipment

10/21/12: New Classified Ads page and solicitation of blog topic suggestions

10/23/12: Resisting the Temptation to Jump the Gun on Autumn Patterns

11/1/12: Problems related to my hard drive crashing

11/1/12: A Bucket List of Spots for Fanatics

11/6/12: Comments About On The Water Etiquette

11/8/12: Smart fish?

11/12/12: Alternative Ways for CCA to Run the Trout Division of the STAR

11/15/12: CCA Pledges Money for a Research Facility at A&M Corpus

11/21/12: Several Common Mistakes

11/28/12: One More Mistake

12/4/12: Boat and Motor Maintenance Tips

12/5/12: A Creative Way to Give a Little Back

12/9/12: The Solo, The SSteel Split Ring Pliers and Open Dates

12/11/12: Response to an article about starving black drum

12/17/12: Guest blog: questions about fishing channel edges

1/2/13: Responses to questions about fishing channel edges

1/3/13: Product review for Mojo Sportswear Company Jacket

1/5/13: It's Cold and I Bet I Know What's Coming!

1/8/13: Holy Grail Gyotaku paintings finished and for sale!

1/8/13: Keeper Series of Gyotaku prints now for sale

1/12/13: Testimonial from purchaser of Keeper #1 and #6

1/26/13: Guest blog by Heather Nicholson regarding newly available poster art

Click on the titles below to view the PDF files from which the pieces of poster art are made:

Larger Than Life #1

Larger Than Life #2

Process #1

1/27/13: Congratulating Jason King and commenting on trout tournament formats

2/1/13: New titles I recently earned

2/7/13: Participation in Eyes on the Islands Program

2/24/23: A discussion and list of Corkies I can't do without

3/24/13: Heartbreaker Gyotaku series of paintings finished and for sale!

3/25/13: Thanking Brandon Brehm for clarifying a concept related to using Corkies

3/30/13: Guest blog from a Virginia angler on a creative way to improve presentation skills

3/31/13: Proving a point about fishing on a day when signs of life are absent

4/13/13: Dates and times for scheduled Monster Maps seminars...seats available

4/29/13: A story with a point and a question

5/3/13: Two men catch the same 30-incher twice within a week

5/14/13: Customer Sheldon Arey mentions a potential solution to hypersalinity in Baffin

5/27/13: Information on new lures in the MirrOlure family

5/29/13: Disturbing and encouraging news about nesting sites in Mesquite Bay

6/20/13: Introduction to my new book: Captain Kevin Cochran's Top 50

6/20/13: Invitation to Five Fundamentals seminars to be held in August and September

6/29/13: Water quality and fishing improved recently in Baffin

7/10/13: New and Confusing State Law Prohibiting Uprooting Seagrass

7/16/13: Customer Tim Balin provides a welcome testimonial for the new book

7/24/13: New book to be available at several retail establishments

7/24/13: Jason King's story of the big one that got away

8/3/13: Comments and ideas during the Dog Days

8/3/13: Lessons we can glean from wading birds and a reference to a video

8/8/13: Brett McDanald wins the Chupacabra Outdoor's CPR photo contest!

8/13/13: Excitement over a discovery of a Laguna rod's versatility

8/22/13: Picture of a transparent trout

8/26/13: 2014 Book to open 9/1/13

9/3/13: Great idea for enhancing fishing log entries

9/10/13: Reference to a study on the potentially damaging effects of the Boga Grip

9/10/13: Dates set for upcoming seminars on fishing with Corkies

9/19/13: Thoughts about Kevin Van Dam's comments about the "best" fishing line

10/1/13: Special discounted rate for October charters

10/3/13: Click here view a cool short video on the importance of large fish

10/3/13: Ad shows customer Brett Macdanald winning Chupacrbra Outdoors CPR contest

10/14/13: Maximizing the Use of a Boga Grip

10/22/13: Introducing the South Texas Signature Birds series of prints--Now finished!

10/30/13: Copies of Tricking Texas Trout, Second Edition have arrived!

11/1/13: Product review for Salt Life Sunglasses

11/11/13: Product review for Academy H2O Express reel

11/17/13: State to solicit input related to speckled trout fishery again

11/24/13: Testimonial from a participant in this weekend's Corky seminar

11/27/13: 2014 Calendars made from the South Texas Signature Birds paintings

11/29/13: PDF used to make South Texas Signature Birds Calendars 2014

12/10/13: South Texas Signature Birds Note Card Sets have arrived!

12/10/13: Click here to access a coupon worth $50 off a Laguna Custom Rod

12/11/13: My new filet knife, the Bubba Blade, is "One Bad Ass Knife"

12/29/13: Angler Matt McCollum's record catch

1/2/14: Data related to Jason King's big trout caught since 2009

1/6/14: Give your opinions to TP&W on trout limits and flounder regs by clicking here.

1/6/14: The email I sent to Art Morris about the state's proposed changes to trout regs

1/21/14: Friend Jason King, Customer Matt McCollum and I on the cover of TSF Mag

1/23/14: Update on TP&W's proposals regarding changes to trout limits

1/28/14: Wanting to do more commissioned paintings

2/19/14: Update on the reels I've been using

2/26/14: The "pending state record trout" pic phenomenon rises again

3/19/14: Musings on the year's events to this point

4/3/14: State adopts 5-fish trout limit effective September 1st

4/24/14: Lessons gleaned from last winter's results

5/9/14: Seminar Season is here! Possible Monster Maps dates

5/22/14: Monster Maps seminar date set--Big Lessons seminar described

6/12/14: Update on finalized seminar dates

6/26/14: Special Pre-production offer on my new DVD: Primetime Trout Tactics

6/27/14: Description of my new Blu-ray movie: Spring Migration 2014

7/1/14: Part One of a Two-Part Guest Blog by Jason King

7/7/14: Part Two of a Guest Blog by Jason King

8/11/14: On Bacteria and Boating Safety

8/18/14: Special offer on North America's Iconic Birds 2015 Calendar

9/8/14: Strategies for coping with bull tides in Autumn

10/17/14: Six Birds of Sea and Shore Postcard Sets

11/3/14: Comments about recently productive patterns

11/4/14: Comments on using HomePort

12/15/14: Update on the fishing and dates available

12/23/14: Introducing Wing Nut's Quest, my new HD Video

1/10/15: Using a concept of "thirds" to locate fish

2/25/15: Technique and Pattern which produced yesterday's Nine Pounder

2/27/15: Customer Welcome Letter with Lurelist

5/9/15: Guest blog identifies NOAA web link useful for monitoring water quality, etc.

6/4/15: Letter regarding future funding for the TCOON Buoy system

6/23/15: Link to an article describing speckled trout spawning habits

to proceed directly to the speckled trout article, click here

7/23/15: Comments on some of the best wading accessories I've found--ForEverLast

8/24/15: 2016 Book opens 9/1--Remember December!

9/23/15: Special offer on 2016 Songbirds Calendars

to view all images used to make the 2016 Songbirds Calendars, click here

10/7/15: About the new line of "high value" Laguna Rods--Laguna Liquid Series

10/19/15: Reminders about some early cold-season basics for big trout

12/31/15: Partial list of Operating Principles I Use on a daily basis

1/2/16: Complete list of the 306 species of birds I identified in the field in 2015

1/22/16: Link to a video showing trout feeding at night

1/22/16: Comments on video referenced above

3/12/16: Monster Maps and More now for sale separate from CAFBULM

4/10/16: Four new questions for the Think Like a Pro Test (answers at bottom of page)

5/11/16: Testimonial from a satisfied CAFBULM customer

5/24/16: CAFBULM description and disclaimer